Innovation Health's Provider Network Video Transcript

Narrator: Innovation Health.

What is it?  Aetna and Inova came together to form a brand new company called Innovation Health.

Where is it?  Innovation Health is primarily located in Northern Virginia but offers plans for customers with employees that span the country. 

What are the plans?  Innovation Health offers a variety of plans for customers of different sizes as well as plans on the exchange:  National and Aetna Premier Care Network for employers with sites across the country, middle market for employers with more than 100 employees, small group for employers with 2 to 100 employees, and exchange plans for individuals and their families.

What are the networks?  Innovation Health’s national, middle market, and small group plans use Aetna’s local, regional, and national networks.   The small group exchange plan, or SHOP, and individual exchange plan use narrow networks.  These narrow networks include providers in the Signature Partners and Mary Washington Health Alliance networks.  The Aetna Premier Care Network, or APCN, connects accountable care organization networks throughout the country.  The APCN network in Northern Virginia includes Signature Partners and Mary Washington Health Alliance.

What is Signature Partners?  Signature Partners is a clinically integrated network that is affiliated with Inova Health System.  Inova contracts with providers for participation in Signature Partners.  The Signature Partners network consists of Inova providers, Valley Health providers, and community providers.

What is a clinically integrated network?  A clinically integrated network is a group of providers who align to deliver high quality, low cost, patient-centered care.  The providers focus on specialized care plans for individual members. This type of network enhances each patient’s experience, improves their outcomes and overall reduces costs.

How can I join Signature Partners?  To join Signature Partners, either call 1-855-744-6895 or email

How do I know if I participate in a network?  To find out if you participate in a specific network for an Innovation Health plan, go to and select “Find a Doctor”.  Be sure to select the correct plan type in the drop down box.

What if I have more questions about Innovation Health?  Call us at 1-855-228-0510 or visit our website at

Innovation Health.  Together.  Better Health.