Innovation Health - Our Story Video Transcript

Introducing Innovation Health

David Notari, Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Health: Innovation Health is an insurance company, based off a 50/50 joint venture between Inova and Aetna. We started about 17 months ago in the market selling health insurance to individuals and businesses in Northern Virginia.


Knox Singleton, Chief Executive Officer, Inova: It's an integrated comprehensive relationship, is very customer centric, and we own the accountability for the total product of care, no matter what piece it is -- whether it's the deliver or the financing or the administrative support.

Thomas Grote, Regional President, Aetna: We think this presents the greatest opportunity to transform the way we deliver health care.

David Notari: The two companies together are extremely powerful. On their own, they're great, but together, they're even better.


David Notari: Technology is another way in which we're starting to differentiate and innovate here in this market.

Knox Singleton: Technology helps support decision making, it helps empower patients, it allows providers and insurers to all have real‐time knowledge of what the plan of care for that patient is.

Thomas Grote: That connectivity will result in a much better member experience.


Thomas Grote: This arrangement creates the kinds of incentives that would reward Inova for improving the health of the population in Northern Virginia.

David Notari: The provider, the insurer and the employer come together, all to be accountable to the end member.

Loring Flynt, Chief Medical Officer, Inova: What you're really saying is, I'm going to be accountable for your health and accountable when you're ill and need a hospital or a doctor.

David Notari: The strategy is really to transform the way we deliver healthcare here in northern Virginia for individuals and businesses. And we’re going to do that by giving them sustainable solutions. We’re going to give them the best cost in the marketplace.


Loring Flynt: At the end of the day, you're able to provide more comprehensive insurance at a much more affordable price for all of your employees.

Looking to the future

Thomas Grote: Our goal for Innovation Health is to demonstrate that an insurance company and a health care system, working together, can dramatically improve the delivery of health care in a more efficient manner than done today.

David Notari: I get out of bed every single morning really to make a difference, to really change the way healthcare is delivered here in this marketplace.