Innovation Health - Healthier Employees Video Transcript

Innovation Health: Healthier employees and a healthier bottom line

David Notari, Cheif Executive Officer, Innovation Health: Better care at better costs. And, that’s what we really bring to the table.

Jennifer Kelly, Clinical Health Services Supervisor, Aetna: For employers, it means that their employees are going to get the assistance to get healthy, stay healthy. Which ultimately means less time out of work. Less disability. And better job performance.

Kimberly Butler, Enhanced Care Coordinator, Inova: We’re going to hook people up with physicians who don’t have primary care providers. You’re going to see less people coming into the emergency room, for coughs, for sore throats.

Mary Worth, Enhanced Care Coordinator-Manager, Inova/Innovation Health: Prevention is important because not only does it give the patient a better quality of life by finding problems before they become major issues. But, we also save costs too.

Carole Gennello, Case Manager, Aetna/Innovation Health: Every single person that goes in the hospital, we follow up with them to make sure they are doing ok. 

Mary Worth: We know where the patient is. What’s been done and what needs to be done next. So we avoid the duplication of care.

David Notari: It comes down to making sure we have the right solutions. That they are sustainable over a period of time. And delivered at the best cost in the marketplace.