Beverly's Story Video Transcript

Beverly: Watching my granddaughter after school is the reason I get out of bed. I have high blood pressure and diabetes, but she keeps me going.

Until the day I couldn’t keep up. I wound up in the hospital with congestive heart failure. And suddenly everything felt overwhelming.

The doctor gave me prescription and instructions, but I couldn’t tell if it was normal to be so tired.

So I decided to stop taking the pills and I wound up back where I started.

Narrator: Wait. Let’s rewind. What would it take to help keep Beverly out of the hospital?

Welcome to the new world of Innovation Health. It’s where doctors can have up‐to‐date information, technology, and support to help prevent health crises. Inside this new world of connected care, Beverly has someone to talk to — and better yet, someone reached out to her to make sure she was recovering well.

Beverly: Hello?

Helen: Hi, Beverly, how are you?

Beverly: Hi, Helen.

Narrator: Beverly’s transitional care nurse, Helen, called to make sure Beverly was on track. When she learned Beverly had stopped taking her medication, Helen helped schedule a doctor’s appointment that same week. Beverly’s information was available to her doctors in real time.

Doctor Jones: I can now view the records from Beverly’s recent hospital stay in context with the rest of her medical history. That helps me focus on her whole health, not just her symptoms — so when Helen called me, we took action to keep Beverly out of the hospital.

Narrator: Nurses worked with Beverly and her doctors to keep track of all of her symptoms and medications. They even arranged a home visit for Beverly when she needed one. And they kept in touch after her appointment, helping Beverly continue to manage her health. 

Beverly: After Helen set up my appointment, Dr. Jones lowered my dosage and by Tuesday, my fatigue was gone.

I feel more in control. Having a care team looking out for me helps me stick to my routine — I even keep up with my granddaughter.